A Date - English version by Rikku pt. 2

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A Date pt. 2

The following week, Rika indeed came to the human world. When Ishida had found out about her coming, he got seriously offended with Ichigo, because he had to go to work on that exact day. Then he had kept nagging the boy, until he had sworn on the death of his sisters, that he`d tell him about everything they would do.
Their first stop was his house... Karin simply watched her impartially, Yuzu was delighted and Isshin began over-reacting. "Ichigo has a girl! Masaki, can you believe that?!" he threw himself on the portrait of his deceased wife that hung in their living room.
Rika couldn`t help but stare at Isshin in surprise. A long time ago, she had been helped by a certain Shinigami and was really thankful for everything he had done for her. That Shinigami had been, in reality, Isshin himself. The man did act as if he didn`t know her, but when Ichigo averted his gaze elsewhere, she could see him wink at her meaningfully for a spare moment. Then, just as she was led by Ichigo up into his room, the last thing she could recognize was Isshin`s voice, apparently calling with somebody. "Ishida! My son just brought home a girl! What am I supposed to do?!... That`s not funny at all!"
As they reached the boy`s room, Ichigo opened the door and that second...
"NEE-SAN!" Kon launched an attack at Rika`s valley of the gods. However, Ichigo tacticaly shoved him away, leaving him outside in the hallway.
Swiftly closing the door behind them, he could only smirk as he recognized Yuzu`s voice.
"Bostov! It`s been so long since I last saw you!" In the nearest period of time, Kon would be wearing all the dresses Ishida had ever sewn for him and would be drinking imaginary tea with all of Yuzu`s dolls.
The two talked in his room for a while... Don`t look at her chest! Just don`t stare at it!... He showed her some medals he had won... Dammit! Kon was probably right about him having quite a perverted mind, the difference between them being that Kon wasn`t embarrassed to admit it!...
And so, Ichigo rather decided to take her out. They had just come downstairs when he realized he didn`t have his wallet and quickly turned to fetch it, leaving the girl alone.
At that moment, Isshin snatched Rika for himself, hugging her around the shoulders and spoke: "So we meet again! This really must be an act of fate but still, I want to know one little thing... When you two get married, where do you plan to live? Because I`m not sure if we`ll all fit in the house anymore... My suggestion would be Tokyo, so I wouldn`t be far from my grandchildren."
Rika stared at him dumbfounded for a moment, but when all what the man said sank in, she blushed so furiously, that she had a feeling her head would explode. She was spared an answer thanks to Ichigo`s sudden appearance, cause the second he had spotted Isshin troubling her, he had tackled him and had got into such a fight, that when he was leaving with Rika, Isshin could only gabble something obscurely because his head was stuck in a microwave.
So... where to now? He decided, that they`d take a simple walk for now... Of course, behind the next corner stood Chizuru, Keigo and Mizuiro. Chizuru screamed at the whole street: "Kurosaki`s on a date!" Keigo started over-reacting as usual and Mizuiro simply waved as a greeting.
When Ichigo saw that Keigo would probably get a heart-attack any second and that Chizuru would probably orgasm from the sight of Rika`s neckline, he quickly caught the blue-haired by her hand and dashed the hell out of there. He didn`t even know where, just somewhere far from them and when he finally had a feeling he had found that desired place, he slowed down. But then he got a message from Ishida. Stay right where you are, Kurosaki! >:D
And Ichigo realized he was standing right infront of the Karakura hospital. He grabbed Rika`s hand and dashed away yet again. A tea-shop! But the moment he opened the door to walk inside, Urahara and Yoruichi were already waving at him from behind one of the tables. Is this even possible?!
He slammed the door closed and turned, deciding to take Rika to his favourite spot. It might have been a riverbank, but as long as Kenpachi won`t show up, they should be okay. Reaching the place, they both sat down into the grass and... awkward silence. And then they decided to speak exactly at the same time. They both blushed.
Ichigo then had to smile, seeing Rika letting him speak first and said: "This is my favourite spot. I`ve been coming here ever since my mom died."
And finally they began talking normally. Rika intently listened to his stories, when she said something, he listened in return and she enjoyed being with him so much... that it took her a while to realize they were kissing. When he pulled back and gave a light smile, she could only blush, but then a smile settled on her face and she timidly leaned against his shoulder. A question left her: "Ichigo... can I... take a photo with you?"
"Sure..." he replied.
She had really wanted a photo together with him as a background image on her phone. She had always found the idea adorable. Taking out her phone, she stretched out her arm and Ichigo leaned closer to her. She took a snap... and when she gazed at the photo, she almost fainted. He was smiling... with the sweetest smile ever!

Next day, the whole ninth division was staring at the new background of Rika`s cell phone. Except Hisagi, who yet again remembered that guitar fail with Ichigo playing completely flawlessly in contrast to him and was again hiding from the world under his table. Rika was really proud at the photo and happy, that everyone was looking it over with such interest. She had a feeling she`d start flying from glee any second.
The fifth seat said: "Wow... you know, when I first saw him, I told myself he wasn`t my type. He`s handsome to boot, just that constant frown of his... But the way he looks in this photo, he completely won me over..."
All the women in the division were congratulating her. But the guys weren`t looking at Ichigo, or Rika, but on the grass behind them. And the third seat asked what all the guys had been thinking: "Damn it Rika, you were doing it in public?"
She went beet red that second.
"You`re such a swine, Kanji..." the fifth seat sent him a disgusted look, shaking her head.
Rika rather packed up her cell phone and everyone began attending to their work. Then Hisagi`s phone rang. It was definitely his, since no one had a metal smasher for a ringtone. He took the call, phoning for a moment under his desk when he suddenly climbed from under it. "What do you mean "you won`t make it"?!" he almost shouted and everyone sent him a surprised look, since him shouting definitely wasn`t something usual. He was frowning... mind you, he was always frowning, but this was hardcore. And then he began speaking extremely silent. Him speaking in a whisper meant he was thoroughly pissed. "That is truly wonderful, Matsumoto. You said, that now when you were on maternity leave, you`d finish it... But you didn`t have time to finish anything even when you were pregnant!... Well sorry, but you made me royally pissed off right now." And without another word, he slammed the phone shut, letting out some kind of unidentified sound of rage. "To... with that woman! A damn window again, what am I supposed to shove in there?!"
"Calm down, sir..." the third seat began carefully.
But Hisagi literally boiled out so dangerously, that he gave it a second thought. "Sorry, but I`m so mad right now that even a striptease by Scarlett Johansson in my own living room wouldn`t help me!" he yelled, angrily coming around the table to lean against it. Everyone quickly began acting as if their work was the most important thing in their life, because a pissed off Hisagi was indeed something they didn`t want to mess with.
But then something entered the office... something small... A little girl wearing a pink smock, white tights and pink shoes, about an year old and measuring not even a meter. She had blond hair tied into two small tails by ribbons and was now gazing at Hisagi with a pair of big, frightened blue eyes. No wonder, even Kenpachi might get a bit intimidated by him right now, let alone a small child.
But the second Hisagi spotted her, the brutal deathglare instantly changed into a warm smile. "Baby!" he said delighted, crouched and stretched out his arms to the little girl. She laughed with childish laughter and barely staggering, slowly approached Hisagi. Poor thing couldn`t even walk properly yet. Hisagi took her into his arms right away, cuddling, nuzzling and kissing her cheeks.
And then Momo entered the office. "Good morning... Izuru forgot his article at home together with some poems, so I came to deliver them."
The whole division gazed at her as if they had never seen a more beautiful woman.
Hisagi muttered: "Thanks, I didn`t think anything would be able to help my mood right now but... Baby here is a sweetheart."
"Did something happen?" Momo asked.
"The amazing Matsumoto has once again given her article a deep six and I have no idea what to do with it now," he replied and everyone went into deep thought.
But Rika couldn`t help noticing something, that being little Ewelin gazing straight at her. It literally made her stop working. Firstly, her eyes were a mirror image of Kira`s and second, why was she gazing at her so intently? Even a blush crept to her face, despite knowing Ewelin had only something over a year.
Hisagi noticed something catching Ewelin`s interest and followed her gaze straight to Rika... He grinned widely. "Hey, Rika... why don`t you try writing that segment?"
Rika blushed, gazing at her superior in shock.
"Of course!" the third seat commented. "Write some juicy bits about your relationship with Kurosaki or something similar."
"Well... I might have something in mind..." she uttered silently.
"Ewelin, you`re a genius!" Hisagi cheered in delight.
The little girl laughed and said: "Hija!"
Unfortunately, only Momo spoke ewelinish, so she translated: "That`s you, Hisagi. I tried teaching her "Hisa" at least, but this is all that I could manage..."
"My little baby..." Hisagi spoke, taken by surprise and then smiled at her happily. "I just love you." And Ewelin began laughing merrily.
The division gaped at his smile in awe for a moment, this being a new sight for them and then the third seat spoke for all: "That kid`s a gift from heaven..."

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Rukia: uznávam, že Near je nadpriemerne inteligentný, ale nejako nerozmýšľal sám za seba, ale vždy, že čo by robil L, akoby on sám nemal vlastný názor alebo úvahu..a uznávam, že som voči nemu asi zaujatá, ale nedokázala som ho mať rada, prepáč :D

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